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24x7 Managed Security Operations Center

with SIEM & Compliance Reporting

Endpoint Threat Detection 


Log Management

Incident Response & Forensics 

Managed Security "As a Service"

NetArmi can customize your solution unique to your organization's in-house capabilities, expertise and outsourcing strategy.     You can select products and services from our suite of managed cyber security services which includes: real-time continuous monitoring, security information event management, vulnerability management, incident response & forensics investigation, or on-going GRC compliance management.


NetArmi can help solve your regulatory compliance business challenges with a custom, managed security "As a Service" solution. Our expertise lies in providing managed security services for regulatory compliant IT infrastructures that contain regulated data. Organizations that store, process, or transmit regulated data (e.g., PII, ePHI, CHD, etc.) must have a proper monitoring, detection, protection, and response plan in place.


NetArmi combines the requirements of Risk Management & Compliance Management and removes the complexities of on-going compliance management. Our GRC subject matter experts and hands-on security engineers can assist organizations with your most complex security operations and management functions.

Compliance - Security Information Event Management (C-SIEM)

Through our strategic partner, Compliance Security Information Event Management (C-SIEM) was built from the ground up with scalability, performance, and intelligence in mind. Based on the carrier-class architecture of the Predictive View Analytics Platform, C-SIEM is a modular Managed Security Services Platform which enables the collection and analysis of data from both cloud based and customer premise based assets and applications. The base system configuration consists of five components: a secure data collection system named Sentinel, a distributed storage architecture leveraging a combination of database and Big Data technologies, the secure management portal, and integrated compliance requirements filter for tracking events and reporting.


Because of our performance capabilities, when it comes to the critical task of event correlation our results get even better. Through years of real-world security experience, we’ve developed and implemented an unsurpassed inventory of


  • Detection algorithms that identify anomalies,

  • Adaptive logic that monitors for rare occurrences of activities and low frequency penetration attempts

  • Automated correlation that integrates health and vulnerability data


all of which allows for more accurate alerting on real security events and escalating threats, thus minimizing false positives. With many customers already using C-SIEM, we have seen a 100X greater “confirmed kill rate” and a 10X reduction in unnecessary alerts. 


Once we "turn-on" your log management, we strive to define a security baseline definition through elimination of false positives and fine-tuning your alerts and alarms by honing in on your organization's critical IT assets and sensitive data repositories. As log data, alerts, and alarms are collected, monthly and quarterly reports can be generated along with meta-data on your IT infrastructure's evolving security baseline definition. Let NetArmi help you automate your regulatory compliance monitoring, tracking, and reporting requirements. And securely store and access your compliance reports for auditors and validation attestation.


Log Management
Infrastructure Health &   Monitoring
2FA Authentication
Security Information Event Management
Integrated Compliance
Threat Intelligence
Actionable Mitigation Instruction

Built from the ground up with scalability, performance, and intelligence in mind, our capabilities include:


  • Pinpoint accuracy and rapid threat detection that helps customers identify and isolate security breaches as they happen

  • Hybrid Big Data and database architecture that provides unprecedented scale and performance benefits

  • An integrated trouble ticket system that allows us to store complex data and troubleshooting structures and present them in an easy to understand interface, as well as easily integrate the data into your workflow and ticketing system

  • End-to-end secure, reliable log and data handling. The event handling technology is engineered to handle extreme fluctuations in large volumes of firewall and IDS event information, protecting the integrity of the logs from collection to analysis and beyond

  • Extensive reporting capabilities with over 200 out of the box reporting modules and countless customer configurable customizations

  • Simplified training requirements and reduced staff levels with our intuitive dashboard user interface

  • Support for all major brands of network components, including firewalls, VPNs, and intrusion detection systems


Remote access to sensitive systems, applications, and regulated or sensitive data creates new risks. In support of any remote access, it is a best practice to enable multiple or at least 2 layers of authentication prior to granting access to any remote employee or authorized user.  


NetArmi provides an automated, 2-factor authentication service providing a full audit trailable and reportable remote access solution to meet regulatory compliance requirements. The solution integrates 2-factor authentication (2FA) in order to secure users’ logins and transactions using their workstation, laptop, smartphones, physical tokens or any SMS-enabled device.


NetArmi provides an optional add-on module which has the ability to collect, analyze, and alert on authentication logs produced by each protected system and application that stored regulated data or sensitive data. This is an important compliance requirement in addition to being able to pin-point if unauthorized access is occurring. With bandwidth monitoring for remote access, alerts and alarms can be sent to notify you if any regulated or sensitive data is being downloaded or file transferred.  


NetArmi can enable "filters" and "controls" that automatically send alerts and alarms for remote access and downloading of regulated data or sensitive data.  

2 - Factor Authentication

NetArmi's log management service captures the audit trails, logs, alerts, and alarms for your critical IT infrastructure assets. With our threat intelligence data feeds, a comprehensive risk management plan and managed security services solution can be properly implemented.


In addition, the NetArmi log management service enables our clients and partners to search and analyze a variety of logs from any registered device. NetArmi's Log Management System (LMS) was built from the ground-up with scalability, performance, and intelligence in mind. The NetArmi LMS enables the collection and analysis of data from both cloud and customer premise based IT systems, applications, and data. The core system consists of four components:


  • A secure data collection system, that securely manages collection and transport of the system logs to NetArmi's in-the-cloud SIEM infrastructure

  • A secure communication gateway between the customer’s environment and NetArmi’s backend security infrastructure

  • A distributed storage architecture leveraging  Big Data technologies that can store all log events for any duration required to meet PCI, HIPAA, FISMA and other compliance.,

  • A secure management, search and reporting portal.


As part of NetArmi's managed cyber security service solution, NetArmi provides Level 1 - security operations incident notification (via e-mail notification). NetArmi also provides Level 2 - security operations support and typically works with your organization to resolve open incident tickets. Finally, NetArmi can also provide Level 3 - forensics investigation personnel to assist with "Chain of Custody" digital evidence collection as needed (add-on service). This complete life-cycle of managed security services can be tailored for our customers based on internal capabilities and external outsourcing requirements.

Log Management & Incident Response

NetArmi's ETDR solution secures all of your critical infrastructure servers, workstations, laptops, and mobile devices using light client software sensors that detect, protect, and mitigate security incidents against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).  We can help you build a security program so that incidents in your global network communities with ETDR sensors are reported in a near, real-time continuous monitoring dashboard, allowing immediate action to protect and mitigate a security threat. 


Because the endpoint device is where the human is, this is where cyber risks and threats are the greatest given malware and malicious software attacks on users. This threat coupled with employees using personal devices for business purposes (e.g., Bring Your Own Device – BYOD) has created new risks to organizations. Traditional solutions, as well as current Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solutions, lack dynamic, threat context, and scalable global community intelligence to protect endpoint devices and servers.


Attackers today craft and apply mission specific targeted tactics to persistently out-maneuver traditional cyber defense solutions on desktop, mobile, and server endpoints. To combat what has now become globally prevalent APT, enterprise and government entities need a solution that detects and protects against malicious behavior at endpoints. At NetArmi, we utilize proprietary endpoint software agents on mission critical servers that do not impede performance and records attack data remotely for immediate forensic analysis, Enabling the same endpoint software on workstations and laptops now provides organizations with a complete endpoint security solution. 

Endpoint Threat Detection

Fast Service Activation

Four Easy Steps to reveal what is lurking inside your critical infrastucture


Collect information 

about your infrastructure


Install server agents and monitoring collector


Establish a secure link for logs and setup alerts


Collect data for a few days, analyze and fine tune

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

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