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GRC as a Service


Gap Remediation Solutions

Governance, Risk & Compliance


NetArmi partners with leading Goverance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) business partners to help customers simplify the complexity of achieving compliance while providing support for maintaining compliance.  NetArmi's GRC services (compliance gap analyses and gap remediation efforts) coupled with our automated compliance reporting provides organizations with the tools, applications, and reports needed to maintain compliance and demonstrate implementation maturity.


Why must your organization maintain compliance?

As mandated by recent compliance laws and standards, businesses in many verticals are required to maintain annual compliance.  This means an annual compliance gap analysis is needed.  Many organizations opt to perform a high level, compliance analysis first, as a precursor to performing a security risk assessment. Business challenges facing Enterprises and SMB organizations include the following:


  • Lack of stringent configuration change management procedures makes it difficult to identify what elements must be assessed to ensure if compliance requirements are impacted

  • Maintaining annual compliance is a burden that typically requires a crisis mode of operation and support by all IT staff to meet annual compliance

  • Identifying and prioritizing gaps found that require remediation to mitigate high risk exposure

  • Budgeting CAPEX and OPEX to remediate risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that contribute to critical infrastructure non-compliance

  • Ensuring your work-force is properly training on policies, operational procedures, and security awareness to maintain a security baseline definition


Simplified and Integrated Compliance with Real Time Continuous Monitoring

NetArmi breaks down the complexity of compliance laws into real-world security control and implementation requirements.  These are incorporated into a qualitative assessment tracking tool that is organized into compliance law safeguard categories (e.g. administrative, physical, technical, etc.).  After interviewing your staff and current security implementation, NetArmi creates a high-level, qualitative compliance gap analysis & posture assessment mapped to your organization's compliance requirements. These requirements are implemented and integrated through compliance filters on NetArmi's Compliance - Security Information Event Management (C-SIEM) platform - simplified and integrated to meet your annual compliance requirements. We automate and support the following regulatory compliance laws and standards: FedRAMP, FERPA, FISMA, FFIEC, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and PII.

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