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Project: PCI Compliance and 24x7 Real Time Continuous Monitoring

Is the type of alert information you’re receiving from the Security Operations Center (SOC) meeting or exceeding your expectations? Why?


“Absolutely – we now have the ability to see who is accessing our network and when along with various alerts and alarms with users accessing sensitive information and downloading it. We can also see where are destination IP packets are going when they leave our Internet egress to various countries allowing us to blacklist specific countries for the first time.” 


Do you feel the amount and quality of the alerts are at the right level? We strive to prioritize and provide actionable information. If not, we can jointly fine-tune your criteria a bit further.


“Yes – but at first we were getting many alerts/alarms. Working with the NetArmi team through the “False Positive” elimination fine-tuning process was a learning experience. We finally have the e-mail alerts/alarms down to a handful a day. It was well worth doing the fine-tuning."


What do you think are the early benefits you are seeing from the 24x7x365 monitoring of your critical servers and firewall traffic?


“Near real-time visibility into the security baseline of our IT infrastructure, alerts/alarms forcing us to react, fine-tuning our inbound and outbound IP traffic, and comfort knowing that there are others watching our IT assets 24x7x365 for the first time.”


Are you satisfied with the service delivery provided so far?Installation Training & Onboarding Webex’sAnswering alert email questions – in some cases initial incident response follow-up


“Yes – NetArmi was very responsive and is still responsive to our questions and requests for additional support. They were instrumental in assisting us with our PCI regulatory compliance reporting requirements.”


Would you recommend NetArmi as an MSSP to others? Why?


“Yes - absolutely. They were responsive from the initial sales process and worked with us to the very end to get us up and running and cutover. Their knowledge of PCI Requirement 10 was very helpful and unique for us given that we just completed and submitted our first PCI Report of Compliance (ROC) and Attestation of Compliance (AOC) with NetArmi’s assistance."

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