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We customize to your operating budget

Virtual CISO & Security Engineer Staffing

vCISO & White Hat Security Engineers

Not all businesses or organizations have, or can afford, a dedicated Chief Information Security Office (CISO) or a trusted security advisor to help them navigate the various governance, security and risks associated with today's online world of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD),  Not all businesses need a full time CISO.  This also includes businesses who are committed to a robust information security program, or those who need to adhere to a wide range of legal, regulatory, and/or contractual obligations.


NetArmi can provide an executive level resource who is a seasoned and experienced security advisor, with a proven business track record capable of working effectively at all levels within your organization.  Tailored to meet your operational budget, all of our part-time or virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) resources are certified, highly skilled IT security professionals, Many are former CISOs/CIOs of state, local and/or fortune 5000 organizations, as well as experienced senior security consultants across various industry verticals.  We provide organizational leadership with critical and complex programs to help align security strategies with business objectives and regulatory requirements.  


With access to a vast network of highly qualified cyber security certified professionals, NetArmi can help build your security program and provide security experts to implement from SOC level analysts to a virtual CISO.  We participate in key industry events to recruit qualified security engineers with CEH and CISSP certifications.


Doing more within your operating budget

We understand the demands of meeting compliance and operating a secure IT infrastructure within an operating budget. With a qualified part-time vCISO or security engineer, we will help you accomplish and meet your objectives.   Below are some of the support activities we provide:


  • Serve as on-demand, virtual Chief Information Security Officer

  • Provide on-site and remote consultation based on your schedule

  • Serve as industry experts (PCI-DSS, HIPAA / HITECH, FERPA, GLBA/ FD / FFIEC, FISMA, FedRAMP)

  • Facilitate the integration of security into your business strategy, processes and culture

  • Manage the development, implementation, and maintenance of information security program

  • Independent and unbiased assessment of your information security threats, risks and compliance

  • Manage personnel (in-house and third-party) with information security roles and responsibilities

  • Assist executive and senior management team and staff with integration and interpretation of information security program controls

  • Serve as information security liason to auditors, assessors, and examiners (e.g. security assessment, penetration and application security testing, etc.)

  • Provide sys admins and security staff with technical training and guidance on how to build and secure IT infrastructure.​​

  • Provide application developers with technical training and guidance on how to develop and test applications securely

  • Provide leadership during disaster recovery, incident response and business continuity

  • Vet vendor claims and provide research on how they compare to others from a neutral party perspective

  • Priority access to globally respected subject matter experts

  • Assess existing information security team's knowledge, skills, abilities and effectiveness by identifying gaps and then recommending remediation efforts.

  • Oversee and provide consultation and investigative service during security breaches / incidents, assist with recommended corrective, disciplinary and/or legal actions.


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